With nearly a decade of experience in building web interfaces, I strive to build responsive, highly performant and pleasing user experiences for everyone. This is done by marrying modern technologies with accessible design.

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Consultation and Development

I will help you by auditing your current workflow and reviewing the existing codebase. This would be followed up by a detailed document that would highlight all the areas of improvement and how you go about incorporating the suggested solutions.

I can also help you with laying the foundation of your project, planning out the sprint zero, and development for the initial phase. I’m not a fan of diving into time constrained project where most of the time is spent bugs fixing.

Workshop and Training

I can help train your team members to be better front-end developers by running an in-house workshop or connecting with them remotely. This could be a workshop running for few days or recurring meeting with individual team members over an extended period.

I primary focus these workshops on front-end technologies, Drupal, development workflow, Unix CLI, Git and Agile principles for developers.


I have spoken at several international and local conferences and would be happy to speak at your event. This could be a public or private event. However, I strictly opt to speak only on topic I expertise in - front-end development, Drupal, and development workflow.

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