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Streaming HTML to your Browsers

September 182017

PSA: This article is in no way related to the Stream’s Standard. There are several strategies to reduce the time for a page to receive meaningful content and become interactive. Today we will be looking into one of the strategies that involve changing the way we serve content from the back-end. Server-side rendering can be slow as we don’t render anything to the page until we have made all the database queries, massaged the data, and sprinkled all the additional scripts we need before a user can see it.

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Going Offline with Service Worker

December 92016

I have had Service Worker working on this site (on and off) for a while now. Caching everything other than posts. When I moved away from github-pages to Surge I had to forgo the HTTPS support, which meant no more offline caching. However, I have switched back to github-pages with Cloudflare providing the HTTPS certificates. This is temporary until I move to a platform where I can explore other PWA patterns.

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